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What ingredients does motionfood consist of?

motionfood has perfected the recipe for refined and appetising food films. Originating from Pascal Wasinger Studio in Zurich, which has been realising numerous projects for renowned companies in the field of advertising and image for years, motionfood has now dedicated itself entirely to the topic of food and beverage as its own brand and part of Wasinger Media House. Among other things, the cooperation with the Gault & Milla Channel Switzerland and the corresponding experience with top chefs shows motionfood’s passion for food films. motionfood realises every single video production like a good recipe with love for detail – also for you. Have you acquired a taste for food? À table, s’il vous plaît!

Meet The Team

Pascal Wasinger


Roberto Arias

Sales & Marketing

Rocio Canuelo

Camera / Editor

Fuat Davulcu

Camera / Editor

Naomi Erlich


Basil Wunderli

Technical Producer

Cristina Garcia

Webdesigner / Content Manager


Precise movements

Precise movements


Spectacular settings

Spectacular settings


Professional lighting

Professional lighting